How the Republican Party can win in Oklahoma

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Bob Moore suggestions for Oklahoma GOP

How the Republican Party can win in Oklahoma.

We need to be bolder in our programs.  What are we going to do to help the average citizen of Oklahoma and help Republicans win office? 

Proud to be a Christian, an American and an Oklahoma.

Capitalism Free Enterprise System leads to more freedom and greater wealth.

Socialism leads to bigger government and higher taxes and less freedom.

My top ten suggestions to improve the State of Oklahoma

10.     Fuel Road Tax to go only towards Roads and Bridges.

9.       Water Issues - put all the water issues under the Corporation Commission.  

8.       Do the dirt work.  Oklahoma Government should be building new and wider roads.  Give the Voters something they can see.   Need a long-term plan to improve every highway in Oklahoma starting with moving the Utilities and letting the County Commissioners bid on doing the first phrase of dirt work to widen the highways. Let the dirt road bed sit there a few years like in Texas and let the dirt compact itself which makes better roads.  Kansas uses a rock system with different size of rock for their road bed – works much better.  

7.       Update the State Retirement Plan.The State of Oklahoma needs to adopt a 401K plan like corporations. The State should match the employee up to ten percent and stop the unknown expense to the taxpayers for retirement pensions. 

No more taxpayer money going to former lawmakers and employees who are now felons.  

If the State Retirement Plan goes to a 401K plan now then in a few years, the Teachers Retirement Program could change to a 401K plan.  We know the Teachers Retirement is a huge problem in the future.  

6.       School Education – Regardless of what the State Department of Education would like us to believe – School Education needs to be totally overhauled. 

Left-wing people like to be pro-choice when it comes to abortion – well here is an opportunity for them to be pro-choice – that is pro-choice with school vouchers. 

More competition between all schools public and private will improve the quality of education and lower the cost of education. We need to be teaching history in every grade – real history not “drive-by – feel-good stuff”. 

Real History includes the real facts about Oklahoma

Real History includes the teaching of the Bible. 

Real History includes the teaching of our Founding Fathers.    

“Religion is the only solid Base of Morals and that Morals are the only possible Support of free governments.” – Gouverneur Morris 

“It cannot be emphasized too clearly and too often that this nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religion, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ.  For this very reason, peoples of others faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here” - Patrick Henry, Speech to the House of Burgesses, May 1765    

5.       Prison Education – Compare how many prisoners attended Catholic school or Christian School vs public schools? 

We hear that Education is the only way to help our kids and our State improve so lets start by improving our Prison System.  Yes we need to teach a job program so these prisoners will have a job waiting on them when they get out.  We can not allow prisoners to return to their previous lifestyle and surroundings. 

If we can teach our Prisoners the history of our Country and teach Christian values and teach that our Founding Fathers were Christians.  Teaching the Christian message to prisons may not turn them into Christians but it will make them into better citizens. 

Better citizens means fewer Prisoners. I believe this is the way to get Christian education back in the public school system is to start with a Prison Education Program. 

Hosea 4:6     My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:  because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. 

II Timothy 3:1     All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:   

4.                 University Education System is behind on Technology.  Other Universities offer every class online.  We have University classes that will not transfer to other Universities.  We need to go to the next level.  We can combine correspondence video classes into online classes.  Begin with professionally filming our best teachers teaching an entire subject and include an online test after each lesson. This system should start at the University level and within ten years, we will have up-graded the entire State School System.

The smaller State Universities should be named and made part of OU and OSU so to help the students that leave the State get better jobs.

This should greatly reduce the cost of education possible by as much as 50%.  This will upset the teachers union but make the parents and the taxpayers very happy.  

3.       Small towns will never grow as long as we have Turnpikes.I have been told in the past that Oklahoma was considering putting toll-booths at the State Line on I-40 and I-35, that would be lots of money for the State. Since we can not eliminate the turnpikes however we could move the toll-gates to the Stateline and have 100% of the fuel tax go to roads and bridges and earmark five percentage of the fuel tax to retire the Turnpike Bonds and to maintain the Oklahoma Turnpikes.    

2.    Totally Eliminate Personal Income Tax - Keep the tax system SIMPLE!  Eliminate the fear of April 15th.

Eliminate Personal Income Tax Totally to be replaced with a two percent payroll tax.  One Percent to be withheld from the employees paycheck to be matched by One Percent from the Employee.   

Eliminate the need for the average Oklahoman to file any tax forms on April 15thProfit from sale of assets, real estate and investments to be address as small business-personal tax program.   

1.       Illegal aliens are not going to pay property tax but they will pay sales tax. 

If the numbers of illegal aliens are correct then we need to change our tax system by eliminate the property tax and personal property tax on homeowners and raising the Sales Tax. 

Oklahoma has 77 counties and we have over 150 different sales tax rates   This is very anti-business friendly. 

Sales tax should be collected on SERVICES at the SAME RATE as PRODUCTS.  The Butcher and the Candle-maker collect sales tax so should the Barber.  Besides the people of Oklahoma will no longer be paying personal income tax or property tax. 

Especially need sales tax on food so everyone gets to pay some tax. 

Statewide sales tax of Ten Percent (10%) Maximum.  Keep the program simple, 10% was good enough for GOD, 10% should be good enough for the government.

Allocate the Sales Tax as follows:

That 1% sales tax be earmarked towards EDUATION;

That 1% sales tax be earmarked towards ROADS;

That 2% sales tax be earmarked to County Governments;That 3% sales tax be earmarked to City Governments;

That 3% sales tax be earmarked to State Government;

That is a total of 10% MAXIMUM Statewide Sales Tax.

With this type of tax system, if the schools, City, County and State Governments wants more money to spend, they must encourage businesses to move to Oklahoma and current businesses to expand in Oklahoma.  

This would get the State Government out of micro-managing the daily life of the taxpayers. 

It is called FREEDOM!

An advantage given by the government to one person means an unfair dis-advantage to all other Americans. Our Founding Fathers believed that small government and less taxes means more freedom. 

Editorial by Bob Moore 


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