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How to win the White House

How the Republicans can win the White House

The Republican Party must become more conservative.

The Republican Party must return to smaller limited federal government, less taxes and more freedom.

Now is the time for the Republican Party to step up and declare that we will eliminate the present personal income tax system.

We need our Republican black leaders to develop a Top Ten Reasons why blacks should vote Republican.

Then take this program to the black churches first then to the general public.

We need to have a classified ad in every newspaper everyday to encourage Reagan Democrats to change to the Republican Party.

Ten issues to win the White House

First issue, the biggest issue is Illegal Immigration.

If you are serious about homeland security the we must stop the flow of illegal immigration first before we try to solve any other problem.

Second issue, Taxes

If you want to win then declare that you will totally eliminate personal income tax.

TAXES, is it about raising money or controlling people.

Simple Tax - Eight Year Plan using the KIS Theory - Keep It Simple.

First Example, most taxpayers believe there is at least 2% waste in the federal government. If the President reduce the size of government by only 1.25% each year. That would be 8 years X 1.25 = 10% totally reduction in the size of government at the end of eight years. That is a huge 10% savings, just that SIMPLE.

Second Example of SIMPLE is the federal income tax on interest earned on bank accounts. The Banks have to mail each account holder a 1099 for the interest paid to the account but how much taxes does that really collect. The taxpayer has to include the interest paid as income then uses the all the deductions, etc. Why have income tax laws for 300 million people when the federal government should have the financial institutions (appr. 10,000) pay a monthly tax being a percentage of the total dollars paid as interest to clients. No tax due from the citizens, the banks pays the tax, SIMPLE.

Third, Example - Same is true with stock dividends, have the corporations pay the government a percentage of the dollar amount paid to the stockholders. No tax due from the citizens, the corporations pay the tax, SIMPLE.

Ten Percent is good number. Ten Percent is good enough for GOD and easy for me to figure in my head.

Fourth example of SIMPLE: Toll Roads, Sales Tax and Income Tax

Can you image driving up to the toll booth to pay the toll and the person starts asking you financial questions such as how much money do you make; how many children do you have; how many cars do you own. Then says according to your credits and deductions; the toll will be X dollars.

Next event, you visit Wal-Mart, when you check out, the Cashier starts asking you financial questions to figure out the amount of sales tax you will be charged.

Does this sound silly? Can you image how many people this type of tax system would require? How much un-necessary work this would cause?

Now look at the Federal Income Tax System with all the forms, credits and deductions, etc. See the comparison?

How simple the Federal Income Tax System could be with a flat tax. Our citizens live in fear of the IRS and hate April 15th.

There is a better simpler system available if people will demand it.

With the follow system, we could eliminate the dreaded April 15th deadline. Use the right formula then adjust spending to the amount of money collected.

Truthful Tax Reform----- Federal Tax Payroll Deduction Program.

1) “TOTALLY” Eliminate the Personal Income Tax “TOTALLY”.

2) Fact: FICA tax is over 15% of the employees’ paycheck. Federal Courts have ruled the FICA is a tax not a retirement fund. The Federal Government needs to be honest and declare that FICA tax goes to the general fund to pay for government spending programs. Re-name FICA tax to Federal Tax Payroll Deduction Program.

3) Government taxes should be on commission, just like all private businesses and private business’ employees. The government spending can only grow if more people make more money.

4) Payroll deduction is the most efficient way to collect taxes. The Federal Tax Payroll Deduction Program will be the only federal tax that wage-earning Americans will pay. Never a personal income tax form to file with the IRS.

5) Keep the system simple, one rate for all taxpayers.

Ten (10%) Percent is good enough for GOD, then Ten (10%) Percent should be good enough for the government. However the federal government is not as efficient as GOD so lets put the maximum rate at twenty (20%) percent.

6) The Federal Tax Payroll Deduction Program shall be 20% “Maximum” of which Ten (10%) Percent to be withheld from the wage-earners’ pay to be matched by Ten (10%) Percent from the Employer.

7) Earmark how the money shall be allocated, such as:

a) 2% National Defense;

b) 8 for Senior Citizens - Social Security and Senior Citizens Healthcare;

c) and 10% for the other spending programs.

A total of 20% of the wage-earners’ salary to go to the Federal government.

Fifth example of simple tax: Personal Business Tax – Personal Capital Gain Tax to address taxes on the sale of assets such as stock investments and real estate with all the deductions and credits, etc.

Maximum of Twenty (20%) Percent tax rate for Short-term Capital Gains for assets held less than one year.

Fifteen (15%) Percent tax rate for Capital Gains for assets held between years 1 and 10.

Ten (10%) Percent tax rate for Long-term Capital Gains for assets held over 10 years.

This type of system would result in no forms, no worry and a much smaller I.R.S. No tax forms to file each year. No tax credits to be given or taken away by the Federal government. No increase or decrease in the tax rate.

This would get the Federal Government out of micro-managing the daily life of the taxpayers.

It is called FREEDOM!

Third issue, Gasoline for 99 cents

Take a stand and announce there is NO global warming as we are going to the 40-40-40 Plan on Gasoline and fuel.

Where does the .9 of a cent go? Keep the tax simple and honest such as:

(a) eliminate the .9 cent;

(b) this tax shall not be amended for forty (40) years;

(c) a total tax of forty (40) cents a gallon tax according to the following:

(d) gasoline fuel tax to go toward roads and bridges ONLY.

(e) twenty (20) cents shall go to the federal government and

(f) twenty (20) cents shall go to the State governments prorated by mileage. This would make gasoline taxes stable across the country.

(g) Promise 99cents a gallon gasoline – how?

By creating more competition by building forty (40) new refineries. These 40 plus refineries for Homeland Security will be built on our military posts and bases.

(h) It was a Republican President that started the National Park System and a Republican President that started the EPA.

As part of Homeland Security, open all federal land for drilling for oil and gas and build more refineries on military posts and bases and increase the use of Alternative Energy.

Fourth issue, Import – Export Sales Tax This is the tax that should be reformed. Treat all parties alike.

Charge a 10% sales tax for all exported items and charge a 20% sales tax for all imported items.

Fair Trade not free trade.

The average citizen believes the politicians have sold the American worker down the river for cheap imported labor.

Fifth issue, eliminate the pork projects Taxpayers money should NOT be used for everyone wonderful projects from museums to aids relief in Africa.

The federal government owns public media such as public radio, public TV stations and cspan.

Hold a telethon each week with a different cause.

Use public telethon to eliminate Foreign Aid. Why is our government giving away money that belongs to the Taxpayers. When I borrow money, the bank wants collateral to secure their loan. If our leaders would follow standard banking practices, the U.S. government would be taking collateral such as real estate or mineral rights to secure their loan.

Would be nice to collect the money spent on the Iraq war, repaid the U.S. Taxpayers in oil.

Sixth issue, eliminate the Washington Press Group

The White House information to go directly to C-span and the American people to include all the other media.

We do not need Washington Reports and the New York Post spinning the truth to the left.

The White House must set the agenda everyday instead of the drive-by media.

Seventh issue, stop short selling The SEC should stop the practice of short selling.

We want people and companies to make money by growing larger and being profitable not slick brokers making money by running down the price of a stock.

Eighth issue, Social Security Reforms Only Citizens of the United State to receive Social Security payment.

At this point, the government should just pay everyone the same amount each month once the person has reached age 65. Social Security payment should be tax-free without fees.

We are a rich Country and we do not want our Senior Citizens living below the poverty level so just increase the monthly check for all senior citizens.

If Congress was really serious about eliminate the national debt, Congress would cut the spending programs.

Ninth issue, nationwide election reform Freedom of speech is our first right so eliminate the McCain-Feingold election laws.

It is one of the major rights that each State has, to make election laws however as in the past - the federal government gives out money and the States has to adjust to get the money.

Make a few standard rules such as:

speaking English and

showing an ID to vote,

counting the military and mailing vote first instead of a week after the election.

Go to a paper vote system, Oklahoma actually has a good system with four days of voting.

All States to hold primaries on the same day.

Since the government has their own TV stations with CSPAN and public education system where candidates could state their platform and have debates.

Tenth issue, American History to be taught to every student which will lower the crime rate by making students better citizens.

The first two hours of each school day to be used for teaching American History. Learning to be a good American starts with learning about our Founding Fathers including the fact they believed in Jesus and the Holy Bible.

Yes teach the Holy Bible, not to turn everyone to Christians but into better citizens.

It cannot be emphasized too clearly and too often that this nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religion, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ. For this very reason, peoples of others faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here." Patrick Henry, Speech to the House of Burgesses, May 1765

Use Wall-Builders and other well-known groups to develop the online – video tape program to be used for this two hours of American History. Teach the information that was taught in the public schools before 1947.

You might want to start this program in the prisons to show results before going with a nationwide program for all public schools.

Change the U.S. Department of Education into an information gathering department to compare each State to each other.

An advantage given by the government to one person means an unfair dis-advantage to all other Americans.

Our Founding Fathers believed that small government and less taxes means more freedom.

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